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Rebecca Guay Magic tweets

Lady Gaga

@maikeeb_kills I wish you had all been there! But that is the magic of the album. We could belong together, because the music bonds us #YAS


4 years ago

Disney Words

A dream’s made of magic, and music, and you. –Peter Pan (Disney Dreams)


4 years ago


MAGIC MOMENT SHOW CASE Vol.3 やります‼ 是非‼ 2014.1.17 Zepp Diver City... 皆さんよろしくお願いします‼


4 years ago

Valentino Rossi

The Podium of Phillip Island Magic place http://t.co/NTb50NAmRi


4 years ago

It's A Teen Thing!

"The feeling of love is the closest thing we have to magic."


4 years ago

NYC Blonde

I know he's going to text me today because I asked a magic 8 ball and finally on the 11th shake it gave me the answer I wanted sooo...


4 years ago

Motivational Quotes

Whether you think you’re ready or not, just start right now. There is magic in action


4 years ago