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Receding Gums tweets

Doctor Knowhow

NewsLine -How to prevent receding gums - http://t.co/Eh7E5985


6 years ago

siri pen

Daily -How to prevent receding gums - http://t.co/VyiDZX6C?


6 years ago


Sulcabrush stops receding gums. Pocket Sulcabrush with 1 Extra Tip - FREE shipping with $25 order with Coupon Code freeship25


6 years ago

nirogi life

NAlert -How to prevent receding gums - http://t.co/Kp9ZokZ1


6 years ago

Josh Caterer

@EmoPhilips @colgateuniv I just flew in from Las Vegas, and boy are my gums receding! #jokesEmowillavoid


6 years ago

Joy Callaway

@JHaser HAHAHAAHAH!!! What are you even talking about? Receding gums?!?!? LOLOLOL! And for a bear attack, you just play dead...maybe.


6 years ago

Joy Haser

Recent worries 1 My receding gums 2 Being too dumb to help H w/Trig homework 3 How to react to a bear attack 4 Amt of dog hair H eats daily


6 years ago