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Ricky Cheung tweets

Ricky Gervais

Mum, Ricky Gervais is threatening my unwavering faith by putting forward his own opinion on his Twitter feed which I'm forced to read.


5 years ago

Pete Prisco

Ditka just ripped the Browns front office for trading Richardson. Dude, you traded your entire draft for Ricky Williams


5 years ago

Piers Morgan

Ricky Gervais told me the room gets tougher and more miserable as night wears on - because 4/5 of all nominees lose. #Emmys


5 years ago

alessandro cattelan

Ricky, per ora sei ancora in debito per tutte le robe orrende che ci hai fatto vedere in 2 anni. Ma sto cominciando a volerti bene.


5 years ago

Tom Crean

Happy Birthday to Matt Nover/Ricky Roe today. An excellent player and person with one sweet tractor.


5 years ago

Adam Levitan

Mike Ditka on Trent Richardson trade: “It validates the stupidity of the Browns’ front office.” Says the guy who traded 8 picks for Ricky.


5 years ago

Ricky Martin

Keep calm and come to Puerto Rico. ... http://t.co/tz0M4ImKCp


5 years ago