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Ridley Blast 29 tweets

Pattie Mallette

Why don't more people talk about this? Why doesn't this hit every news outlet about @justinbieber but lies do? http://t.co/GjYOYRFErl


6 years ago

Los Angeles Lakers

Bench points: 76-34. 2nd chance points: 30-16. Offensive rebounds: 18-10. Lakers shoot 45% (14/29) from 3.


6 years ago

Christofer Drew

Grand canyon halloween adventure...hope y'all are having a blast! http://t.co/9HlRjQEOhK


6 years ago

Glenn Greenwald

Early Snowden critic Andrew Sullivan: "As more & more details emerge, Snowden leaks look more and more justifiable" http://t.co/6feOHmObwI


6 years ago

Senator Ted Cruz

#ObamaScare hits Texas. A new report shows the “Affordable Care Act” will make care LESS affordable for Texans http://t.co/QrKVEKaNm6


6 years ago

National Geographic

Photos: A young olinguito is spotted in Colombia http://t.co/7zOfJfUTV9


6 years ago

Lo Mejor de Twitland

Cosas que hago al estudiar. 1% estudiar. 29% mirar cuantas hojas de apuntes me quedan. 70% decirle a los demás que tengo que estudiar.


6 years ago