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Room Service About tweets

Clay Clark

Room full of millionaires making fun of healthcare service they’ll never need. #cmaawards


10 years ago

Port Authority NY&NJ

#PATH #Sandy recovery work to remove salt contamination requires suspension of service at WTC/ExPl next 3 weekends. http://t.co/tLoZsiqaeh


10 years ago

John Dickerson

Hotel informs me that the only way I can get coffee is when room service opens at 8. I apparently did not wake up in America.


10 years ago

Cunard Line

Proud to be the first company ever to receive the National Maritime Historical Society's Distinguished Service Award! http://t.co/xhE5ahELou


10 years ago

for all y'all know that could have been room service anyone and everyone is willing to do anything to get attention. just stop


10 years ago


PLOT TWIST that girl was room service.


10 years ago


It took me until the last line to realise it was the room service breakfast menu, not a song about cereal http://t.co/o1PMj8571x


10 years ago