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Rupavahini Live tweets

Brad Haugen

when the #BELIEVEmovie presale goes live (SOON :) ), get your tix fast - only in theaters for a limited time! http://t.co/wbCjvDfLSu


4 years ago

Jai Brooks

Have fun, don't take life too seriously, live for the laughs:)


4 years ago

Lady Gaga

Looking forward to debut 'DOPE' tonight live from my home NY @YTMusicAwards YouTube Music Awards as shot by Spike Jonze, live art. #YTMA


4 years ago

Shady Records, Inc.

Last call: Vote @Eminem #YTMA Artist Of They Year by RT'ing this video. And don't miss his live performance tonight! http://t.co/KWsv8qNSmI


4 years ago


Here's Fix You from the Live 2012 concert film. (That was such an incredible night.) http://t.co/yxD11VzhFk A


4 years ago

Felicite Tomlinson

louis put a photo of our great grandparents in it because they were huge fans of louis but sadly couldn't make it before he went live x


4 years ago

Victoria Justice

Hey guys, follow me on instagram here: http://t.co/0TyeEgyO5Z Gonna do a first time live Q&A very soon on there. RT!


4 years ago