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Sabatier Steak Knives tweets

I Speaka Da Munkey

RT @khadijah_1D: The award for #TopLies goes to the boys for saying "We'd date a fan" Your words cut like knives and I'm tired


6 years ago

Ashley Brown

[Nutrition] Movie recommendation: Forks Over Knives. A compelling story paired with compelling science. "Let food by thy medicine."


6 years ago


All I want to do is sit and eat my steak.


6 years ago

George Defiesta Jr

So happy that I had some wonderful steak earlier for dinner! Craving solved! Thanks @jigsmayuga ** bukas ulit! Hehe


6 years ago

Lisa McDowell

Jimmy want a rib! Jimmy want a steak! Jimmy want a piece of your chocolate cake!


6 years ago

James Swain

@WorldOfBecca A knife, chavs love knives.


6 years ago

Madison Lee

RT @kennalovee1: In Minnesota we need Chic Fil A & Steak n Shake


6 years ago