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Sports Quotes

If you believe enough in the process SUCCESS will come to you. You just have to be willing to see it through to the END.


4 years ago

Glee The Music

100% of net proceeds from sales of the songs from tonight's episode in the US & Canada will go to @ProjLimelight. http://t.co/5w0epxNCRj


4 years ago

Iyanla Vanzant

Success is a birth process. You must feed it good thoughts. Surround it with a good environment. Nurture and love it.


4 years ago

Snapchat Problems

I go from twitter to instagram to snapchat then back to twitter then instagram then snapchat, then lock my phone and repeat the process.


4 years ago

Lisa Cimorelli

Succeeding is a process that involves failing. Don't be afraid to get it wrong because that's how you learn to get it right :)


4 years ago

Top Islamic Tweets™

Allah puts people in your life at certain times to teach you the lessons you most need to learn. Trust the process.


4 years ago


@JonasBrothers fans deserve some answers...c'mon @nickjonas, @kevinjonas, @joejonas what's going on? http://t.co/mibQH9M1E6


4 years ago