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Sascha Segel tweets


Pic of Jason Segel looking like a student while filming a movie today at Tufts w/ Cameron Diaz (found @COeverywhere) http://t.co/jxSBHbg2oz


5 years ago

Us Weekly

Wow, Jason Segel has lost A LOT of weight recently. Check him out on the set of his new movie: http://t.co/3UivK0T8ur


5 years ago

Sascha Barboza

Wow me encanto! RT @heyhec: Estas son las 10 Mejores Recetas para Desayunos publicadas por @SaschaFitness >>> http://t.co/563ANYMkRc


5 years ago

Sascha Bacinski

Mmmhhh, todays Champions League breakfast...;) #S04 #BVB #skycl http://t.co/pbyPKdRSPZ


5 years ago

Sherri Shepherd

Don't forget to watch @HIMYM_CBS tonight on CBS ... I play Daphne. jason segel & I fight & get thrown off plane & comedy ensues! #funny


5 years ago

Stephan Dörner

"Offenbar fürchten die Deutschen den Veggie-Day in der Firmenkantine mehr als die Totalüberwachung des Internets" http://t.co/0vHJJ3xqqn


5 years ago

New York Magazine

They're making a movie about the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist of 2012. http://t.co/KCx1kTMWj0


5 years ago