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Sashiko Machine tweets

Caitlin Moran

When people say "What's it like getting older?", I say "You feel more confident about putting 'dry-clean only' items in the washing-machine"


7 years ago

Grace Helbig

I'm at the airport listening to Florence and the Machine. Sorry to everyone on my flight if I seem super emotional and triumphant.


7 years ago

marc maron

Why do we keep shoveling garbage into the garbage burning engine of a machine that makes garbage?


7 years ago


There is a "Hug Me" Coca-Cola machine in Singapore which gives you a can of coke each time you hug it.


7 years ago

Sarcasm Machine

I strongly believe that when the crosswalk timer runs out a trapdoor should open and swallow the people who failed to make it across in time


7 years ago

Fakta Google

Di Belanda ada yang namanya vending machine pembuat kopi sendiri yg otomatis kalau ada orang menguap bakalan langsung keluar kopinya. #8D


7 years ago


Our reader Paul Mac on commentary feedback: "A bowling machine would have taken more wickets today." #IndvAus


7 years ago