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Schools Out Tweets tweets

Bennie Kiecker™

@jakeErickson23 best be throwing out some better tweets to get D1 schools checking you out. #duke #bama #oregon


6 years ago


Sorry for all the Big 12 tweets, I know they came out hours ago, wanted to make sure to touch on KS natives and high schools they played at


6 years ago

Kelinde Ricketts

Yo enough with the schools out tweets smh


6 years ago

A Tramp

Every year when it snows, people don't wait for the schools text but they come online on twitter and find out from reading people's tweets


6 years ago

KJ Inoue

A gossip twitter that talks smack about kids from all the KP international schools? Well, well. Aren't I glad to be out of high school #kids


6 years ago

Sarah Guzman

“@BryceLawrence1: Schools almost out” your tweets are so unbearably pointless**


6 years ago

6 years ago