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Scooter Thailand tweets

Dave O'Flynn

@ldaley @i386 Also: some travel insurance doesn't cover you on a scooter in Thailand. Better to get drunk & pay for a taxi.


6 years ago

Ohhhhh Ezzahh ♥

On my to hat yai @ Scooter South Side Thailand (Hatyai) http://t.co/GzFdcaxU


6 years ago

David Thomson

Thailand story sad. Remember 1. Always wear helmet 2. Never hire scooter in Asia @ACurrentAffair9


6 years ago

Othman Bahlouli

My #beautiful #scooter on the side of one of #kosamui island's beautiful coastal roads. #thailand #thai http://t.co/2WStTzZJ


6 years ago

Kamala Beergarden

KBG girls going home.... 4 on 1 scooter? Only in Thailand http://t.co/b7OZcnoS


6 years ago

John Reyes

#MemoriesIWontForget Night cruising on a rental scooter along Pattaya Beach, Pattaya and Jomtien Beach, Chon Buri in Thailand.


6 years ago

Wan Nor Izzati

Kat thailand scooter comel2. Motor pun raga kat depan. Comel.


6 years ago