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Scratch Fix tweets

thom conroy

How to fix a bumper scratch - by Thom W. Conroy - Helium http://t.co/aNZGWS1Gls


5 years ago


you fix my phone and scratch it again? dumb broad


5 years ago

5 years ago

Siany Lesbirel

so relaxed my gucci flats aint got a scratch And if you got problems with I, well I will fix them cataracts


5 years ago

She'on TRUST shit

i dnt wanna b loved....I dnt wanna b loved... no scratch marks or hickies!!! jus give me a quick fix...


5 years ago

Craig L. Hayes

I think the fix is in. Obama and old bull GOP to fund Obamacare and raise debt limit. Once again, GOP rolls over for Obama to scratch belly


5 years ago