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Pendejos Jodidos

Mover la cama de la pared para barrer y encontrar tu celular, unas llaves, a Voldemort chupando sangre de unicornio y un portal a Narnia.


4 years ago

Brilliant Creativity

Extreme adventure. Would you like to rest there Portal edge Camping, Yosemite, California http://t.co/apcIHcqtbR


4 years ago

Wil Wheaton

A Joss Whedon series that is so amazing, FOX cancels it before the first script is even written.


4 years ago

Marilyn Monroe

Life don’t come with a script, so quit acting.


4 years ago

bella thorne

In a blue mood reading the revised #Homeinvasion script #newmani #voltagefilms #joelsilver http://t.co/Z8SVmYhCqp


4 years ago


1er dimanche du mois: l'entrée des musées nationaux est gratuite. Bonne visite. http://t.co/KFSLG1L8u3


4 years ago

Sreedhar Pillai

#AllinAllAzhaguraja - 2/5 .Lacks basic storyline, looks like the script was written on the sets after getting artists dates.


4 years ago