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Palmair Bread Restaurant tweets

Tim Hawkins

Obamacare will be like ordering a Coke at a restaurant, and getting a watered down RC cola a year later that costs $2500.


7 years ago

Jean Marc Morandini

Officiel: Buger King annonce l'ouverture de son premier restaurant à Paris pour le mois de décembre #burgerking http://t.co/0nHeOcfq7F


7 years ago

Caspar Lee

I don't care how many stars your restaurant has, my mom will always be my favourite chef!


7 years ago

Chetan Bhagat

RG's stance on convicted neta ordinance is commendable, but bit like a chef coming out in a restaurant and screaming 'i hate the food here!'


7 years ago

Fitness & Nutrition

No candy, no cake, no donuts, no muffins, no white bread, no chips, no fast food, no pastries, no ice cream. Do it for 21 days = #results


7 years ago


Dear OBAMA "Hessian"" Barrak: If you a best presiden. Why I not have twelve bread and more house? #giveMeSandwichOrGiveMeTwoSan- dwich


7 years ago

Bible Time

Jesus answered, "It is written: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." -Matthew 4:4


7 years ago