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Sequoia Mental Health tweets

Bill Gates

The UK just pledged another £1 billion to fighting AIDS, TB, and malaria. What a great example for other donors. http://t.co/5jfKMwMeIp


7 years ago

The New York Times

The mental strain of dieting can reduce your mental capacity: http://t.co/8LW2JM0rPK


7 years ago

Funny Tweets ™ ‏

“can you not” has been my mental response to almost everything that happens these days.


7 years ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

"Sound advice is sometimes ignored due to our emotional, mental or spiritual state and we end up making enemies out of the sincere."


7 years ago


why would i do my homework early when i could wait until 11 pm and start panicking and have a mental breakdown


7 years ago

Unrevealed Facts

Deja Vu = a sign of great health. If you experience it frequently you are less likely to experience mental disorders!


7 years ago

Grumpy Cat

Is it too early in the school year for a mental breakdown yet


7 years ago