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Service Destination Quality tweets

Vine Adicto

Win a vacation & go undercover for 7 days at a Secret Diamond Resorts Destination > http://t.co/FeLB85ruoJ - sp


5 years ago

Ariana Grande

Barely ever have service to tweet here but have so any fun stories & photos to share when I find time! Missin my tweeps! Talk soon & ilysm X


5 years ago

Kendrick Lamar

When Great music is under appreciated, homie said quality over quantity. @NipseyHussIe = Game changer. Be a factor. http://t.co/MQvelrDZ5c


5 years ago

OMG Facts

In Italy, there are pizza inspectors hired by the government to ensure restaurants are making their pizzas at 'Italian quality'


5 years ago


Rogers wireless customers report widespread service interruption http://t.co/cZPUgAwD4D


5 years ago


"The number you have dialed is not in service" was recorded by singer/voice actor Jane Barbe, and is heard by 300 million people per week.


5 years ago

Carles Puyol

Only he who knows the destination knows the way... Bona nit!!


5 years ago