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Disney Words

Just change your perspective, your point of view. The magic of your dreams is right inside of you. –Peter Pan (Disney Dreams)


5 years ago

My Love ❤

A good boyfriend loves his girl with all his heart. He isn't afraid to point his girl in front of his friends and say, "That's my baby."


5 years ago

Funny Tweets ™ ‏

benefits to dating me: -you have no competition that’s about it actually but i think it’s a good point


5 years ago

Girls Problem

why can’t periods just last for like an hour, like okay you’ve made your point, I’m not pregnant you can leave now


5 years ago

Sincerely Tumblr

at what point in history do you think americans stopped having british accents????


5 years ago


So...We're very excited to finally share this!! The brand new JLS single is called ‘Billion Lights’!! :) JLSHQx http://t.co/Exw6ud1zM9


5 years ago


My level of #sarcasm is to a point where I don’t even know if I'm kidding or not.


5 years ago