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Shelter Logic tweets

Stephen Goldsmith

@MarcoNils29 exactly. I've been preparing a doomsday underground shelter.


6 years ago

Lea Deso

New Shelter... http://t.co/EmpURtlW


6 years ago

Vernetta Helman

WholeSale... http://t.co/TRMSHvvV


6 years ago

Scott Allen

One extension of #HHSMandate logic would be that food and water and shelter which are not paid for by others are legally "inaccessible".


6 years ago

I Am Breitbart

LOGIC FINALLY! MiddleClass children at risk of anxiety disorders cause parents shelter them from harsh reality of life http://t.co/HG5GqZKr


6 years ago

Anemone of the State

@j_lee077 I'm from the shelter for battered logic.


6 years ago

Jim Nasium

RT @mommadona: MT @shervin Farmer denied permit to build horse shelter~builds giant table & chairs which don't need permit. http://t ...


6 years ago