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Shimeji Subtitles tweets

KShowNow | KSNsubs

We can release it now if you like but the subtitles are advance than the voice itself but we think it's... http://t.co/a9kIpKyKFk


5 years ago

Tips For Actors

Just because you can't speak French, doesn't mean you can't be in a French movie. They all have subtitles anyway.


5 years ago

☆ 1D Thai Fans ☆

ข่าวร้ายคือไม่มี subtitles ภาษาไทยให้จ้ะ ... รายละเอียดของตัว DVD ก้ตามนี้เลย http://t.co/3bbJz9dW6O


5 years ago

Microsoft Indonesia

It's International Translation Day! Lihatlah bgmn teknologi telah memberikan terjemahan lbh maju & sangat bermanfaat http://t.co/Qt1TlH3iqJ


5 years ago

Deepika Padukone FC

#RamLeela ’s Synopsis http://t.co/a1p99nNn- 8H


5 years ago

David Oakes

Watching @George_Osborne’s ToryConfSpeech in Gym - subtitles promised us “…a sustainable Carvery.” #MeatPolitics have arrived!


5 years ago


If the boys ever did a concert in Asia, I would probably need them to talk slower, or they would have to have subtitles.


5 years ago