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Shoes For Dogs tweets

Jingles Christenson

A small coastal New England town where everyone wears lobsters for shoes. No one thinks it's weird because they all do it, even the dogs.


6 years ago

Darth Hater

Remember when my comeback to everything freshman year was "well your shoes blow dogs for quarters" ha ha ha omg


6 years ago

Rach ✈

@OverratedPretty why are you wearing dogs for shoes that's so inconsiderate of you


6 years ago

Selina White

"@noorangutan: @VanessaTheSats write your will we're all destined for sudden death. and give me all your shoes." And give me your dogs


6 years ago

Emma Ward

Feel sorry for dogs & cats in this weather..... they don't have socks & shoes like humans. There paws will be freezing!! **


6 years ago

lauren x

People that buy shoes for their dogs no stop please stop


6 years ago


We love dogs and shoes! for more details click here: http://t.co/MDFM1WO7 http://t.co/dXjBwn75


6 years ago