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Sidewalk Surfing tweets

Hillel Aron

There is a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk outside the Starbucks on Vermont quietly surfing the web on his netbook.


6 years ago

Phil Goodrich

@EllisMate hilarious to hear you rant about xgames! Skateboarding started it all? Check your history ; sidewalk SURFING is the original name


6 years ago

Alec Fasolas

Sidewalk surfing with style. bmatdashredcat #gopro @ Satellite Beach http://t.co/HdxXdn3Y


6 years ago


@Yanni323 I think @trevdon does alot of sidewalk surfing with his vehicle. Isn't that how his bumper fell off that he taped back on? :-P


6 years ago

Ashton Bernard

#Sidewalk #Surfing http://t.co/zDjlfY8x


6 years ago