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Doctor del Chiste

See the dumb products that made the inventor super rich > http://t.co/MvfBNRvsJZ - sp


7 years ago

Educate Siempre

12 foods with super-healing powers >>> http://t.co/zIm1VNWOZ6 - sp


7 years ago

Gatito Enamorado

12 foods with super-healing powers >>> http://t.co/QOHHnjwamP - sp


7 years ago


Super Junior's Heechul reveals he quit smoking + underwent surgery to fix his nose during his time away http://t.co/wEtfeA221Q


7 years ago

Bleacher Report

Great news: Jack Hoffman, the star of Nebraska's spring game, learned his cancer is in remission. http://t.co/F5XtWTDMmE


7 years ago

Disney Words

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. –Jack Sparrow


7 years ago

Manchester United

A deal has been reached for the Super League Grand Final to be held at Old Trafford until at least 2017. Learn more: http://t.co/a57otJCb2x


7 years ago