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Slide Board tweets

Hannah Gaz

@ArdMichelle no I just need one so I can do a picture slide show in front of my board!


8 years ago

Genevieve Steeley

New post: [WATCH]: 3 - Chris Mason Wheelchair Transfer Slide Board - Alternating Air Mattress http://t.co/iyIKsDsr


8 years ago

Derek Peltzer

Just landed a board slide to 180!!!


8 years ago

Anna E Jones

@AlexisElane12 Hahahaha yes!! And at my birthday party we were all stuck on my slide and diving board bc of the snake!!


8 years ago

Marie Floyd

@jrmantia well I've asked 3 different times so maybe you'll give me an answer- how long should BJ do slide board exercises at one time.


8 years ago

Joel Wallace

Slide from power utility board training. I suspect the people in the pic may be some of my friends! http://t.co/S61jR1rf


8 years ago


@amalinajmldn @AriefTaylor ama. Buy for him tech slide board. Go google check. Hehehe.


8 years ago