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Soft Saddlebags tweets

Tom Crean

Pushing a player through fatigue and lack of competing is not just the coaches job. It's the TEAM'S job 2. A QUIET team is a SOFT team.


6 years ago

Country Music Quotes

If they wanna see my sweet side, my soft side, my best side, I just point at you. #JustinMoore


6 years ago

Zodiac Sign Scorpio™

No doubt in mind that #Scorpio can be a hard head and have a soft heart at the same time.


6 years ago

Iyanla Vanzant

Lesson #3-LADIES Be water-soft and flexible, not rock hard and inflexible. Water is life giving. rock is threatening. #fixmylife


6 years ago

Best of Aries

#Aries are stubborn but have a soft side, which makes them great listeners but not so great with advice.


6 years ago

Cute Emergency

he looks so soft! http://t.co/N8ixucDA5R


6 years ago

Sexual Turn Ons™

Soft kisses on the back of your neck...


6 years ago