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Somaliland News tweets

Ian Birrell

Lack of aid bought peace & stability in a volatile corner of Africa, says @geoffreyyork in Somaliland http://t.co/RL9WAMyxf5


7 years ago

Geoffrey York

how a Somali enclave has thrived without foreign aid: my report from Somaliland http://t.co/xiziVlOeJ2


7 years ago

Dylan C. Robertson

In the self-declared state of Somaliland, ‘aid’ is a dirty word http://t.co/Ff8KnRLSQ4


7 years ago

7 years ago

Aydarus Azir

RT @ali_qudhacali: Canadian teen brothers jailed in Somaliland @torontostar http://t.co/v47DZqaCxy


7 years ago

Nivine Bolous

RT @StudioHEAR: Why is ‘#aid’ considered a dirty word in #Somaliland? http://t.co/Mbx3rOD4YM


7 years ago

Project H.E.A.R

Why is ‘#aid’ considered a dirty word in #Somaliland? http://t.co/Mbx3rOD4YM


7 years ago