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Steam Half Life 2 tweets

Jay Em

I unlocked 7 Steam achievements in Half-Life 2! http://t.co/WWOwWFkf


6 years ago

Damien Darkness

@thatirishkid617 do you still want half life 2? It's on your wish list on steam and I figured if you still want it is get it for you:)


6 years ago

carmine grasso

my steam must be messed up, I get the half life 2 DEMO and that has an error, but its downloading Half Life 2, AND Half Life 2 DEMO O.o


6 years ago

Matheus Cunha

"Inclui 5 itens: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Portal, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Team Fortress 2" por menos de 40 reais no steam


6 years ago

Daniel Green

I unlocked 4 Steam achievements in Half-Life 2! http://t.co/oPFXMjNj


6 years ago

Mike Gray

@MastodonnyDave I do have spare Half Life 2 + Half Life 2 Episode 1 if you want to send me your steam ID


6 years ago

Ali Alsawaf

@roleyq usually a virus/keylogger does it, that and for me Half Life 2 (with it's new "steam" thing). Oh, and getting paid.


6 years ago