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Sterling Addlife India Limited tweets

Racial Draft

BREAKING: Blacks send scout Trinidad James to India after seeing this man "on Instagram straight flexin" http://t.co/oCUOXNRhBF


4 years ago

Google Earth Pics

Elephants do swim! They use their trunk to breathe like a snorkel in deep water (India) #EarthPics http://t.co/U5fums9uaS


4 years ago

Dana Loesch

Reid calls tea party "the new anarchy." That's how socialists view limited government as intended by our founders.


4 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

Kata 'sniper' berasal dari nama burung 'snipe' . Burung jenis ini berasal dari India dan sangat sulit untuk didekati juga ditembak.


4 years ago

Majestad Carlos Slim

Yo no tengo la culpa que en su casa los hayan criado escuchando banda y corridos mientras les inculcaban las películas de la India María.


4 years ago

Vijay Kumar Singh

Moreover undermining the opinion of the highest court of India seems to be an appalling idea. It's time to come out and #reclaimindia (5/5)


4 years ago

Kiran Kumar S

If you are ashamed of having Manmohan Singh as India's PM, after how every government department was compromised via corruption, pls RT this


4 years ago