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Store Tunisia Windows tweets

Common White Girl

I would rather wander around a store for 9 hours than ask an employee where something is and this I do not understand


5 years ago


Additional pairs of Isaac’s Doernbecher Air Jordan 5 Retro are available in limited qualities http://t.co/wx8BxDcWbU http://t.co/ctSMkXpdwl


5 years ago

James McVey

So people appear to be receiving our physical single the day before release! This is why ordering off our store is awesome! #CanWeDance


5 years ago


헤어나올 수 없는 2PM 귀요미 매력 폭발! #2PM 네이버밴드 스티커가 출시되었습니다! 당신의 채팅방으로 2PM 들어가실게요~느낌 아니까~^^ Android: http://t.co/NQTEaL8Lw4 http://t.co/EaHG08IyJM


5 years ago

Men's Humor

I hate when people say that I'm hard to shop for...surely they know where the liquor store is.


5 years ago

Amy Lee

Lets do this! One night only, for another great cause :) http://t.co/yhVvyyMxAv


5 years ago

She Ratchet™

When your mom goes to the store and forgets what you asked for http://t.co/LLzYK8B0YX


5 years ago