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Story Is Part Of tweets


Be thankful for the ppl who bless you..be equally thankful for the ppl who test you. Both play a vital part in your story.


10 years ago

Seattle Geekly

Hotel from The Shining plans to dig up old pet cemetery as part of new construction. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? http://t.co/BeyNHa4i89


10 years ago

Hai Magazine

Rudye 'Killms' : Jakarta Story Part II Secara Keseluruhan Beda http://t.co/FuK5UYGYu9 Di Album Perdana Revara...


10 years ago

Katt WilIiams

"I wasn't that drunk!" "Dude, you congratulated a potato for getting a part in Toy Story."


10 years ago

Rudy Nugraha Putra

RT @HaiMagazine: Rudye 'Killms' : Jakarta Story Part II Secara Keseluruhan Beda http://t.co/P8QCeCSiJa Di Album Perdana Revara...


10 years ago

Jason Schreier

Most devastating part of the story, for me: LucasArts shelved a Day of the Tentacle remake that was almost finished.


10 years ago

The Boston Globe

Part-time professors at Tufts to unionize http://t.co/ZO9korXWzi


10 years ago