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Strange Archaeology Coins Found In Ohio tweets


"If you scream, I’m gonna put you right back in the ground where I found you.” #AmericanHorrorStory #Coven http://t.co/9kXOZgeqOV


5 years ago

BBC News (World)

Mystery of 4-year-old found in Greece with family she doesn't resemble http://t.co/kpb4OMyEfU & http://t.co/v2kIdFvY1n


5 years ago

ian somerhalder

Just found this...You all rock-stuff like this is because of you, the fans-I mean, look at the company… http://t.co/ibWMXQgJfI


5 years ago

Teen Quotes!

Some people stick with you only because they have no one to stick with but when they found someone else, they will just leave you alone.


5 years ago

The Notebook

I guess when you said “forever”, you meant until you found someone better.


5 years ago

Bekir The Great

ev var, sinema sistemi 7+1, ev tipi bar mevcut, sınırsız yiyecek, sıcak bir ortam oda tamam, sevgili.... 404 not found.


5 years ago


If 30 goals are scored in the Premier League today I will give someone 50k coins who retweets this.


5 years ago