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Subject Line Internet tweets

Neil Castle

Dear people of the internet, the email subject line is not the same thing as the email body. Regards, Community Managers Everywhere.


6 years ago

Laurie White

"Article: Controversial Opinion." And with that a press release email subject line summarizes the entire Internet.


6 years ago


Indie artist? Want to submit to York Region's internet radio station? E-mail one@148.ca - "Subject line: CAP". More at http://t.co/193hjjIB


6 years ago

Clinton Goveas

[INTERNET] Defined. The correct length for a subject line. http://t.co/4HFqBMg4 #cgfb


6 years ago

James B

What would be the most dread-inducing email subject line at work? I vote for "Your internet browsing history . . ." http://t.co/NR5KM8Ys via


6 years ago

Albert Ivor Morin

Internet Marketing techniques: Develop An Eye-Catching Subject Line Coming up with an eye-catching subject lin... http://t.co/H1ql3TLn


6 years ago

Forsaken Eremite

If you can't use a meaningful subject line in your email you should be banned from the internet.


6 years ago