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Lady Gaga

monsters sleeping outside the studio last night. left at 5 am and said how come you guys are still here! they said to support you. so rad


4 years ago

The Vamps

NUMBER 1 ON ITUNES!!! Thanks for all your support! If you don't have the single get it here: http://t.co/t07wrdY1un http://t.co/8lCr2D4mjO


4 years ago


Thanks god! Kita berhasil bawa pulang 2 piala malam ini, semua ini karena kalian comate, makasih udah selalu support kita! We love you guys


4 years ago

Iqbaal D. Ramadhan

Yeeahh menang di inbox awards dikategori boyband terinbox 2013! Thanks for your support guyss! Love yaaa


4 years ago

Jack Wilshere

Fans were amazing as always! Thanks for your support! Well done @SergeGnabry on his 1st premier league goal! #Decent finish!


4 years ago

Avril Lavigne

Thanks everyone who posted to my facebook q&a! My only birthday wish is for you to support @AvrilFoundation: http://t.co/cN1txHBQmf


4 years ago

Real Talk

Surround yourself with positive people who will support you during your bad days, not just your good days.


4 years ago