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Suzie Donkin Raindrop Technique tweets

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Les mecs ont une belle technique, celle des "3 tirs" : 1. Je l'attire. 2. Je la tire. 3. Je me tire.


5 years ago

Genius Football

VIDEO: Didier Drogba freekick goal for Galatasaray, what a technique. Legends never get old!.. http://t.co/aP6G8m5lEw


5 years ago


Ask est juste victime d'un problème technique, il ne va pas fermer, ne vous inquiétez pas les anonymes.


5 years ago

Bocah Unyu™

DICARI pegawai donkin donat, pria 18-20th, pengalaman ga di utamakan, langsung krj memakai baju putih ga pake celana, mo bolongin donat :D


5 years ago

Ryan Singer

The best software mgmt technique I know is not to push harder on people. Instead strategically take scope away to bring a win into view.


5 years ago

watermelon meat

next time it rains on you just remember that those raindrops picked u over finally becoming an ocean like the rest of their raindrop friends


5 years ago

WWE Universe

The Boston @RedSox should watch @CMPunk for proper batting technique tips. #HellInACell #KendoStick @HeymanHustle


5 years ago