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Because I'm a Guy

Don't smoke cigarettes, there are way cooler ways to die.


5 years ago

Students Problems

i get so mad when people younger than me have a cooler life than i do


5 years ago

Perfect Boyfriend

I'm afraid you'll find someone prettier, smarter, cooler, taller, skinnier, nicer, calmer, clearer, stronger, better than me.


5 years ago

Guy Codes

Don't smoke cigarettes, there are way cooler ways to die.


5 years ago

Un Alumno

Llegar 5 minutos tarde a clase y que tu compeñero/a de mesa te esté engañando con otro/a.


5 years ago

Un Estudiante

Yo soy de los que cuando el profesor pide voluntarios mira a la mesa pensando: "EVITA EL CONTACTO VISUAL, EVITA EL CONTACTO VISUAL".


5 years ago


Why go around defenders when it’s so much cooler to go OVER them? http://t.co/PJ2kbXP5to #SCtop10


5 years ago