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BBC News (World)

The black teenager who saved a suspected Ku Klux Klan supporter http://t.co/fwTZn4mcoL http://t.co/BDWaqU6I64


10 years ago

Aziz Ansari

Black dudes are blown away by magic tricks. Here's another preview from my new standup special: http://t.co/zS3MADj9L9


10 years ago

oG $wank.

We didn't get arrested for anything drug-related don't let the media brainwash you... We got arrested for "Walking While Black"


10 years ago

Common White Girl

my music taste ranges from ghetto black girl to depressed white girl


10 years ago

TEAM AcidBlackCherry

【TEAM ABC】Acid Black Cherry×オビツキューピー!福井バージョンはやっぱこれ- でしょ!もうすぐ旬の越前ガニとのコラボ!続きは次のブログで- !! #Shangri_la http://t.co/jr7ig0L9ji


10 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

Teknologi Wifi pada awalnya digunakankan oleh para ilmuwan untuk mencari lubang hitam (black holes).


10 years ago

Steve Stifler

How does every black joke start? By taking a quick look around you...


10 years ago