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Tampa Clay Pigeon Shooting tweets

Sachez Le

#RT si tu fais partie de ces gens qui ont jamais vu un bébé pigeon.


7 years ago

History In Pictures

The shooting one of the most iconic moments in movie history, 1997. http://t.co/J63JmOFmLf


7 years ago


Mike Glennon has thrown a TD pass in Tampa. In case you were wondering, this is Mike Glennon. http://t.co/YOrT7hYOh1


7 years ago

Ballers Only™

Shooting hoops alone at night >>


7 years ago

Jay Feely

As a freshmen at Tampa Jesuit, my JV coach asked 'who can kick' I said "I'll try" 23 yrs later still kicking


7 years ago

Faux John Madden

Peyton Manning: 15 touchdowns Tampa Bay Buccaneers (team): 5 touchdowns Jacksonville Jaguars (team): 3 touchdowns


7 years ago

Huffington Post

Dozens of college students shot dead in their sleep in Nigeria http://t.co/xEJps5Ud65


7 years ago