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Tampons Shiny tweets

Erick Erickson

Seriously House GOP, if you're going to fully fund Obamacare, go on and stop the shiny object dangling and just embrace it.


5 years ago

Young Conservatives

Things might seem bad now, but Mitt Romney wanted to kill Big Bird and ban tampons! #ThanksObama for saving us from that mad man!


5 years ago

✿ kenz ✿

In grade 9 I had to do a presentation in French class about tampons and as the background music I used the song Bleeding love by Leona Lewis


5 years ago

GameStop, Inc.

Pokemon Trainers: Drop by GameStop for the third and final Exclusive Shiny Pokemon: Shiny Giratina! http://t.co/c3xFusuBSV


5 years ago

Grainne ☼

If u ever feel bad about ur life just be thankful ur not the model for spongebob tampons http://t.co/KrhrmWdLWM


5 years ago

Daily Kerouac

Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?


5 years ago

rt if u use pads fav if u use tampons


5 years ago