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Lady Gaga

Write what you want, say what you want 'bout me, if you're wonderin' know that im not sorry. Do what you want (what you want with my body)


5 years ago

Justin Bieber

@bieberarmy i look like im yelling at myself. lol


5 years ago

daniel sahyoune

retweet and share this on facebook for a follow, im checking on facebook lol https://t.co/9vtjMZkdbg


5 years ago

My Love ❤

I am not sure which is worse. Missing you, or the fact that there's nothing I can do about it.


5 years ago


Im exhausted from all this studying I havent done


5 years ago


''is that harry styles?'' ''niall calm down...'' ''im like your biggest fan'' ''niall stop'' ''HARREH'' http://t.co/JeXPdJKf5P


5 years ago

5 years ago