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Get Rid Of Allergies tweets

Kelly Sabo

I need some cold weather to get rid of these allergies.


8 years ago

Jacob Gutapfel

Someone fix my nose and get rid of these allergies.


8 years ago

Brooke Smith ⚓

Free orange kitten to a good home! Need to get rid of it ASAP due to allergies.


8 years ago

Nicole DeStefano

For Christmas I want to have no more food allergies and to get rid of my daily headaches and occasional migraines. I would be SO grateful


8 years ago

Steve Walker ♿

Bahaha you have to get rid of the cat. Probs nothing to do with allergies and its just that you can't afford it haha.


8 years ago

alli bootsman

Dear body, Tell me what I'm allergic already to so I can get rid of it and carry on with my life!! #sick #allergies


8 years ago

Current Health

What do you think: Do You Have a Cough That You Can't Get Rid Of? http://t.co/QlPkoZnD


8 years ago