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محمد الشنار

أنشر ياغيور ،، مقال عظيم نسف شبهات المطالبين ب #قيادة_المراة_للسيارة فجعله قاعا صفصفا #قيادة_26أكتوبر http://t.co/Ldb0qk5tJO


6 years ago

Girl Code

nothing says regret like the email address you made as a kid


6 years ago


The Opportunity Cost of an Email: the cost of sending an email is too low, that's why we get too many of them. http://t.co/TsXkKnRcHt


6 years ago

Damien Fahey

Nice try, but no email is "Urgent". If it was an emergency you would've called the person.


6 years ago

David Schneider

If you're unhappy about GCHQ surveillance then please send an email to… well, anyone really #bbcqt


6 years ago

Fakta Faktanya WOW!

GMail .com awalnya bukan domain milik Google tapi merupakan layanan email gratis untuk para penggemar komik kucing Garfield.


6 years ago

Beta List

Easy Peasy Newsletters: Have fun editing your email newsletters http://t.co/cfkxwSfQW6


6 years ago