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Team To End Aids Zeichik tweets

Liam Payne

Sorry to anyone I couldn't get a picture with, in the end there was just too many people and I got a bit scared lol sorry


10 years ago

Notebook of Love

At the end of year, the question is... if I die tomorrow, will I be happy with what I've done with my life?


10 years ago

Girl Code

#ILoveMyMomBecause no matter what we go through,no matter how much we argue and fight, i know that in the end, she'll always be there for me


10 years ago

Genius Football

Eto'o in 2005: "I would rather be selling groundnuts in my village than to play for a pathetic team like Chelsea."


10 years ago

It's A Teen Thing!

I wish that we never met if at the end you just make me hurt so painful.


10 years ago

Sincerely Tumblr

shy people usually end up being some of the coolest people you know after you start talking to them


10 years ago

YG Family

#WIN ep. 6, The 1st battle btw Team A & B! Who will take home the victory? Tonight @ 10pm on Mnet & 11:20pm on tvN. http://t.co/fleUDA39Is


10 years ago