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Bruno †

Meu "hm" significa tanta coisa, por exemplo, preguiça de escrever.


6 years ago

Marilyn Monroe

Have u ever had a friend whos literally like ur soul mate but like in a friendship way like u are so compatible and perfect for each other?


6 years ago

Yazi Aizuddin ヅ

*Sehari tak text* GF: awak kenape tak text saya ? tak rindukan saya ke ? BF: hm. GF: awak ? :'( BF: Saya tunggu awak rindukan saya pulak :')


6 years ago

Douglas Campos™

meu cabelo anda tão seco que falei "eu te amo" ele respondeu "hm"


6 years ago

قروب زيادة متابعين

فرصتكـم✔ لزيـادة متابعينكـم✔ فولو مي فولوباك✔ ريتويــت هـذه التغريـدة✔ ضيفــوا مـن يقــوم بالريتويــت✔ ضيفـوا مــن يضيفكـم @_FFB_✔635


6 years ago


Spotted: Fashionable men pushing the boundaries of menswear! #hmLife http://t.co/H7L4J3nDMj


6 years ago


1 month to go! Stunning Isabel Marant x H&M campaign pics have surfaced + a behind-the-scenes vid of the collection: http://t.co/JeqAVkU4cj


6 years ago