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Tennessee History tweets

Lex Kuhne

.@LarryLage Considering U of Tennessee's recent history of hoops & football HCs, I feel like your RT compels me to disinfect my phone. ;-)


6 years ago

Taylor Young

RT @MrJacobL: If this doesn't stop you all will see the worst rant in Tennessee football history......


6 years ago

Casey Lankford

I'm ok with the butch jones hiring by Tennessee. He has a history of winning. If he can recruit then he should be good in the SEC


6 years ago

Nathaniel Bennett

Butch Jones? Really UT? Worst hire in the HISTORY of Tennessee


6 years ago

Nolan Ollis

Tennessee football being relevant is just history.


6 years ago

Logan Frye

@DixonZone Norte Dame also has a much better history than Tennessee tho.


6 years ago

Kelby Carr

RT @mac_b_from_tn: I think the takeaway from all of this is that Tennessee fans have the worst sources in the history of Internet.


6 years ago