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Terry Bradshaw Teeth tweets

The Batman

Smile. It makes it your teeth an easier target.


5 years ago

Sorry Not Sorry!

I just want perfect skin and hair and teeth and body proportions and endless supplies of money and intelligence is that too much to ask for


5 years ago

Jordan Peele

Hingle McCringleberry, L'Carpetron Dookmarriott and Donkey Teeth are all back in the new episode of #keyandpeele this Wednesday.


5 years ago

Best of Leo

Do not take from a #Leo and do not order a Leo or else you will see a fierce lion claws and teeth.


5 years ago

Motivaciones Fútbol

Jugadores que quedan libres en Junio (a ser q renueven): Valdés;Sagna, Vidic, Terry, Evra;Pirlo, X.Alonso; Ménez, Ebert, Lampard;Lewandowski


5 years ago

Matt Hunter #HUNTERS

Beautiful teeth !! Who is the hunter with this beautiful smile?? http://t.co/5T4dFV6CWj


5 years ago

Interesting Facts

Bad breath? Brushing your teeth is important but whats MORE important is brushing your tongue. That's where all of the bad breath originates


5 years ago