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Thai Grading tweets

Callum Postoyalko

just got my first grading done in thai boxing #CertifiedHardMan


7 years ago

Mick Mullaney

University Grading Times via Wicker Camp - Sheffield Thai Boxing Gymnasium - Sunday 9th December ... http://t.co/tHKzXUD4


7 years ago

Louise Jones

Loved MMA and Muay Thai tonight, grading on Saturday. Fingers crossed my asthma is over its bad spell


7 years ago

Daniel Guadagnolo

Thai, top chef, and grading in my PJs > Marina and the Diamonds concert. (Sorry friends/social world)


7 years ago

ian huggan

Muay thai grading tomorrow, not too sure what to expect but hope all goes well..


7 years ago

Ernesto Garcia

Passed my muay thai grading with a 1st class pass!!! http://t.co/vJ4fQmuM


7 years ago


RT @jjbbatamworth: 91% 2nd class pass with honours for my 1st Muay Thai grading! Really happy with that :-)


7 years ago