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The Boyfriend tweets

ericaaaa :

RT @madi_woodruff3: I have the best boyfriend! #lucky


6 years ago

Delaney Kelly

If anyone saw me on my phone right now, they would think I was texting a boyfriend or something by the way I'm smiling. Nope, my daddy. :)


6 years ago

Megan Coomer

RT @2dayand4everr: My boyfriend is a good friend. But he's not being one to anyone but his guy friends and me. I know you want the D. #b ...


6 years ago

skin deep Beauty ♥

I want a REAL boyfriend. Going out, chillin with the fam. The whole 9....


6 years ago

Anna Bello. ♛

RT @ohaisamantha: I am seriously so jealous of everyone who's boyfriend/girlfriend goes to the same school as them.


6 years ago

RT @MarkLealJr: This ** RT @LaylaCurry: ☝ Another word to the ladies, don't get your significant others name tatted on you. Specially you ...


6 years ago


the awkward moment your boyfriend thinks he's tony stark.


6 years ago