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The Crazies tweets

Blac Miller

RT @KimsABoss: Devin always gets stuck with the crazies :/


6 years ago

Dan The Man

****** RT @mz_browne Someone must have sent out a memo for ALL the crazies to unite as one on this 4 train.


6 years ago

Mariela Ojeda

This woman in front of me (on the bus) just told me shes dating mike jones...Yes, the rapper. omg crazies these days! Hahaha


6 years ago

Kim A. ♥

Devin always gets stuck with the crazies :/


6 years ago

Julie Hall

Thank God for Klonopins or my nerves would be SHOT from dealing with the crazies shopping today!


6 years ago

joe ellis

@MarcNwifie we went out after the crazies were done. What time did y'all start?


6 years ago

Sabrina Frehafer

Watching the crazies. Yup I'm not sleeping tonight.


6 years ago