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The Fair Watson tweets

Miguel Lopez

So in the same night, Colber has Bilbo Baggings, Dr Watson and Arthur Dent? "Not fair!" was the scream coming from Jon Stewart's office...


7 years ago

Dave Twiss

@andy_tom_watson next time I'm getting my camera ready. It's not fair that I'm the only one to enjoy the site of you trying to run.


7 years ago

Jaime B H Penning

I think it's fair to say Alana Watson's legs are the only thing that stop Nero from looking completely retarded.


7 years ago

Anthony J. DiNardi

Real Estate Convention. Terry Watson's class on Fair Housing is great. "Killing the monster while its small [pic]: http://t.co/WSBy23rr


7 years ago

Lefty Golfer

@GeoffShac Fair enough, Tom Watson should speak out about the format. That might be more constructive and helpful to Golf.


7 years ago

Stephanie Watson

RT @ByLeavesWeLive: "This Life, which seems so fair,/Is like a bubble blown up in the air/By sporting children's breath,/Who chase it ev ...


7 years ago

Matt Zemek

.@MarcusE_Watson Is Te'o a better NFL player than Clowney? No way. That's not the Heisman, though. Fair Q as to why Clowney's not in NYC tho


7 years ago