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The Fitness Haven tweets

jonathan spanos

@thorpeythegun they were saying on the tv a side strain haven't heard anything since #fitness #bowlstomuch


7 years ago

Miyoko Boyd

@SpartanRace I'm doin it! I haven seen the videos but I'll def check em out! Thanks! See u guys in Malibu! #fitness #challenge #pushlimits


7 years ago

J.M. Moore

In the Nike line, & I see so many people that look like they haven't done anything remotely sport/athletic/fitness related in like forever


7 years ago


Haven't been to the gym since Tuesday. I think I might fail the fitness test tomorrow.


7 years ago

katie !

@AceBurpeeShow so we watched your rcmp fitness test in history class today.. Have to say its the first class I haven't fallen asleep in!


7 years ago

Ben Cerow

Does the #NFL have a program for kids promoting good nutrition and physical fitness? Haven't seen any commercials for it... #Play60


7 years ago

Georgie Fisher ☀

I haven't done col's goverment assingment or guys fitness ones I'm gonna have to run with the bench :-(((


7 years ago